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It is our privilege to provide the highest level of professional medical services for each woman who entrusts us with her health care needs. We believe that each person deserves to receive outstanding medical services in a warm and caring environment, and it is our goal to deliver these services on an individual basis so that each and every patient is able to obtain medical care designed specifically for her unique needs.

It is our philosophy that no medical question that may concern you should ever go unanswered, and we promise to take the time to listen to your questions carefully and provide you with accurate information. Each one of our patients is given personal attention from a health care provider, including individual counseling and all pertinent follow-up care.

In addition to excellent health care services, you can also rely on us to hold your personal and confidential information in the very strictest privacy. Every aspect of your medical care, from counseling to treatment, is completely your own private information and is never shared with anyone unauthorized by you, personally.

Our first priority is our patient, and we consider each and every woman who comes to us an extremely valuable and important person. Providing you with the finest women’s health care is not only our business, but also our professional mission. We assure you that your needs will be met with care, courtesy, professionalism and a commitment to excellence in every aspect.

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Are you pregnant and don't know where to turn for help?

You are not alone in this situation. Many women find themselves in the same dilemma and are scared and confused. These are very normal emotions and we are here to give you the information you need to make important decisions about your pregnancy. Gynecology and Abortion Service offers a spectrum of abortion services in Boston. Included are medical abortions, late term abortions, and surgical abortions.

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  • Is free urine pregnancy testing provided?
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  • Is parental consent needed?
  • How can I pay for the procedure?
  • Is this all confidential?
  • How much does the procedure cost?
  • Is a urine test always reliable?
  • How long does the actual procedure take?
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Your medical information is confidential and protected by law.

Not even parents can obtain child's records without a consent.

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One of our major focuses is on family planning. Our facility contains a pregnancy center which handles pregnancy diagnosis, determination of dates, crisis pregnancy, birth control counseling and prescriptions and emergency contraceptives. We offer the Morning After Pill for circumstances what warrant such treatment. Urine pregnancy tests are free of charge. Our doctor is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and full counseling with physicians is always available for you.

Our clinic offers other services as well. You are able to receive a complete gynecologist exam. We provide diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (treatment for gonorrhea, Chlamydia, STD, HPV, herpes, syphilis, genital herpes, and so on). Our well woman exams include mammograms in addition to the pap smear and breast exam. All lab tests are performed such as blood tests, microbiology specimens, and pathology work. We review and address any abnormal pap smear results. We also specialize in the evaluation and treatment of menstrual problems. We provide menopausal evaluation and treatment as well as determine and treat sexual problems.

Do not hesitate any longer; contact us today and take the first step for help. Our caring staff will put you at ease and guide you the rest of the way.

Reproductive Health Care Services For Woman

It is very important that women of all ages have well women exams. These exams are routine and ensure gynecological health by flagging and handling any abnormalities that may arise since early diagnosis is vital for effective treatment. The ways in which we conduct exams are through pap smears, breast exams and mammograms.

Gynecology & Abortion Clinic offers diversified services depending on women's needs.

Please take a look at the gynecological services we provide

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Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Cigna Carelink, Fallon Community, Harvard Pilgrim, Mass Health, Medicare, Neighborhood Health Plan, Network Health, Tufts, United Healthcare with Harvard Pilgrim. We accept all insurances including medicare.


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Dr. Boris Orkin was not the man I wanted to see when I first walked into his office, as my obstetrician told me due to my pregnancy being ectopic, I would require the pregnancy to be terminated. I was put at ease with the caring demeanor of the staff while there, and given the resources I needed should I decide to come back in the future.

Denise Robbins

Dr. Orkin listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and explained what was going on with me. If you aren't feeling quite right and want an opinion you can trust, go in to his office and open up about everything that you're feeling. He's there to help.

Erin Kouture

The years of experience and knowhow that come along with being a patient of Dr. Orkin have done me well. He knew right away what was wrong with the symptoms I spoke of when calling him, and he knew exactly how to make me feel better. I like having someone who knows what they're doing taking care of me, which is why I continually go back to Dr. Orkin whenever I need an expert.

Molly Brooks

If you are looking for a kind doctor that will help you through a tough situation, such as an abortion, then you need to turn to Dr. Orkin. I can't say enough about how scared I was going into the procedure, or about how at ease I felt coming out of it. They understood my fears, helped me calm down, and explained everything I needed to know.

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