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We are dedicated to providing personalized healthcare for each and every woman. From puberty to menopause, we aim to supply every woman with top quality gynecological and obstetrical care.

Need birth control or a Pap exam? We can provide you with private family planning services and gynecological care.

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Why Should I Get an Ultrasound Prior to Getting an Abortion?

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, making the decision to have an abortion is a personal choice. Once you've made that decision you may be wondering what the reason for an ultrasound prior to the abortion is and why they are required in some situations.

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Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Life is full of unplanned situations. Some good and some not so good. A new job, or raise would be a high while a car accident or illness might be a low.

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Emergency Contraception: Plan B and Ella

Women who have had unprotected sex and are concerned about an unplanned pregnancy might benefit from emergency contraception.

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Medical Abortion and Abortion Pill Q & A

There are two types of abortion; medical and surgical. The abortion that is right for you depends on how far along you are and your medical condition.

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How to Care for Yourself After an Abortion

If you need a gynecologist in Boston, At the Boston Abortion Clinic, we can assist you with an abortion or any of your gynecological needs.

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What Is Medical Abortion and How Does It Work?

Medical abortions are completed to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester.

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Anesthesia Options for an Aspiration Abortion

The aspiration abortion in Boston is the most common type of in-clinic abortion. It’s safe, effective and used during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

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Abortion Aftercare

If you recently had an abortion there are steps you can take to ensure you remain healthy and infection free.

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What to Look for in an OBGYN

At The Boston Abortion Clinic, we can provide a list of OBGYN doctors so you can start your search for the perfect doctor today!

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Medical vs. Surgical Abortion Service Options

Proper medical comes from patients knowing their choices. At Abortion Services in Boston we pride ourselves in providing superior care with gynecology in Boston including abortion service options when needed.

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Proper Medical Follow-up After Abortion Services

Despite all the many steps forward in the rights of women and the freedom of women to seek the proper medical care they choose and deserve, women will still tend to stop short of getting the full medical care they need.

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Medical Reasons for Abortion

Medical reasons for abortion are difficult personal choices for pregnant women.

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Pre-Abortion and Post-Abortion Care

The Boston Abortion Clinic wants you to fully understand what to expect prior to your abortion and following your abortion.

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Reversible Birth Control Choices for the Long Term

Women seeking long term reversible birth control options will be surprised at the large quantity of options they find.

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Is Mirena a Good Contraception Choice?

If you are searching for a reliable contraception device, the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) is a popular choice. Once it’s inserted into the uterus it provides birth control for up to five years.

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Female Sexual Problems

When sexual problems occur, what goes on behind closed doors can sometimes begin to cause multiple issues in a person’s life.

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Abortion Service for Residents of Lawrence

When it comes to residents of Lawrence, women are our number one priority.

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Abortion Services for Springfield Residents

It’s not uncommon for patients to call us when they are feeling very confused and alone with circumstances that have arose in their lives.

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Health Insurance Coverage Options for Abortions

Abortions can be a pricey procedure to undergo, making it imperative to have health insurance coverage from companies that offer plans that cover abortions.

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We Offer Discreet Abortion Services

Are you worried about concealing your pregnancy?

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Receive Abortion Care in a Private Office

Having an abortion can be a scary experience, but it doesn’t have to be. At our private clinic, you can receive the assistance you need to make the decision to abort your pregnancy.

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Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is between 14 weeks and 27 weeks of gestational age.

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Privacy and Confidentiality

In our private abortion clinic in Boston, your medical records and personal information are just that-yours.

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Abortion Solutions for Underage Women

Dealing with pregnancy at an early age can be difficult, and when it comes to gaining the trust of parents and confiding in them about such personal matters, many complications can arise.

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Post Abortion Care

Post Abortion Care: Normal Recovery, Abnormal Recovery, At Home Care, Dos

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Aspiration Methods For Abortion

The majority of the methods use an aspiration technique, meaning they draw out the contents through the cervix with a sucking or suction motion. T

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Abortions - First Trimester

A first trimester abortion is completed within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

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Family Planning and Knowing Your Options

Controlling the number of children in a family and the time-span in between births is family planning. It gives women the opportunity to plan for the future and to get OBGYN doctor’s onboard with their decisions.

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Articles - Family Planning

Female Tubular Sterilization - What You Need to Know

Abortion Service in Boston wants to be here for all your needs regarding gynecology in Boston. This includes being there for accurate and useful information regarding all your medical options and specifically your birth control options.

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Ob-Gyn Care and Concerns for Teen Girls

There is nothing to be embarrassed about with the Ob-Gyn. It is a new experience for some and it is very personal, but this physician is your friend on your side in life.

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The 5 Secrets You Shouldn`t Keep from Your Gyn

Everything you tell your Ob-Gyn is confidential. At Abortion Service in Boston, all the information you receive is accurate and reliable.

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The Top Ten Pros & Cons of Contraceptives

Today's women have many options when it comes to contraceptives. While most are effective and have advantages, some have certain risks and disadvantages.

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15 FDA Approved Birth Control Methods

Most women want to be in control of their lives, they want to plan for their futures and they want to do what is best for their bodies.

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How a Paragard IUD Can Make Birth Control Easy

Women seeking an easy birth control method should look into getting a Paragard intrauterine device (IUD)

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Why Women Choose Mirena for Birth Control

The Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) is made of flexible plastic that releases the hormone levonorgestrel into the uterus.

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Abortion Service for Lowell Residents

In Lowell, we want you to know that we know how to treat the ladies!

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Abortion Services for Worcester Residents

Women in today’s world have many options when it comes to abortion services however they may feel alone in their decision and may not want to discuss their situation with friends or family members.

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What Services Does A Family Planning Clinic Offer?

Family planning or contraception clinics are open access sexual health centers that can be used by any person – men or women – above or below 16 years of age. In other words, anyone can visit these centers on their own (on self-referral) or when referred by a health worker.

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Annual Exams - Are They Beneficial for You or Harmful?

Whether annual exams are really necessary or not is a long debate both among doctors and individuals.

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Receive Family Planning

One way to be is through proper family planning. An unplanned pregnancy can disrupt many areas of your life, especially when you are not yet stable.

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How to Enhance Family Planning with Contraception

Every man and woman should have control over when the extension of their family begins. In today's time, family planning is a lot easier, thanks to various types of contraception methods.

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The Morning after Pill

Emergency contraceptive pills or "the morning after pill" are designed to reduce the chances of conceiving.

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Mission Statement

It is our privilege to provide the highest level of professional medical services for each woman who entrusts us with her health care needs.

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Birth Control Options

Our professional staff specializes in family planning and we can assist with all of your reproductive care needs.

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Need Effective Birth Control?

You need someone you can talk to and you can trust with important issues like health care. Dr. Orkin with Abortion Services in Boston is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to women’s health and with birth control options.

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Articles - Pregnancy Testing

The Symptoms, Risk, Diagnosis of an Ectopic Pregnancy

When a fertilized egg attaches inside of a woman?s body and it?s not inside the uterus, this is an ectopic pregnancy.

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Free Pregnancy Tests

Unlike so many other reproductive services clinics, at our private abortion clinic in Boston we offer completely free urine pregnancy tests.

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What You Should Know About Cervical Cancer

Once a woman begins having sex they are at risk for cervical cancer. This cancer is the second most common type of cancer for women worldwide even though it’s the most treatable and preventable cancers.

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Articles - Gynecological Care

Reproductive Health in Women

Although men and women are considered equal, our bodies are completely different. Women have a reproductive system that is complex and intricate.

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How Women Should Protect Themselves from Disease

Most people are aware that sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) exist but they don’t understand how dangerous they are.

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Sex Pain: What Does It Tell Women About Their Bodies?

Painful intercourse can cause be a worry for women and can cause issues with sexual relationships.

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Nutrition And Total Health For Women

What a woman eats can play a significant role in the prevention of health issues. Regular appointments with general practitioners and doctors of obstetrics and gynecology in Boston are a good start.

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Yearly Pap Smear: Why Is It Important?

We at Abortion Services in Boston focus on women’s health and we believe that health maintenance is vital to a long and fulfilling life.

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What Is a Gynecological Exam?

There is nothing more important than your health. Healthcare for women is where we at Abortion Services in Boston specialize.

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Avoiding and Treating Infection for Women

Abortion Services in Boston is a full service Boston abortion clinic dealing with all abortion services women need.

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Regular Care for Women and Feeling Healthier

At Abortion Service in Boston we seek to provide women the full range of care needs. This includes regular gynecological care along with other wellness and health maintenance services.

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Gynecology Done Your Way

Most women want a gynecologist they can trust, one that is professional and someone who keeps things confidential.

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Breast Cancer - How Do Survivors Cope?

In most cases, women who survive breast cancer have as much to fight after as during the treatment of the cancer.

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Private Gynecological Care for Women

Having regular gynecological care is important for women. Knowing the health of your body is crucial, not only for maintaining your wellbeing, but for finding the onset of diseases at their beginning.

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Ways to Control Unbearable Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is inevitable for every woman, but its symptoms don’t have to be. Thanks to modern medicine, menopause symptoms can be eased temporarily.

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Are Annual Exams Required for Detecting Cervical Cancer?

Pap exams can protect women from cervical cancer by detecting it before it spreads, but is it needed annually?

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STD Treatments

A thorough diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is performed at Gynecology and Abortion Service

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Pap Smear test in Boston area, MA

If you are experiencing any type of menstrual problems, it is important that you obtain the right diagnosis and treatment for your specific situation.

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A diagnostic mammogram will usually be performed when a woman is experiencing some type of symptom that could potentially be breast cancer, such as breast pain or a painful breast lump.

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Irregular Periods

The Abortion Clinic in Boston can help you with Menstrual Issues

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Breast Exam

Women are advised to perform a self-breast exam at home every month, and sometimes will detect a lump in their breast.

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11 Reasons You Might Miss Your Period

If you just started working 3rd shift or have moved to a different country your menstruation schedule might be off for a while.

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Articles - Teen Pregnancy

Contraception Options

Accidents happen, birth control is forgotten and you find yourself looking for options.

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We Offer Fast Pregnancy Testing

Our Boston abortion clinic has assisted women, young and old, with their pregnancy testing needs. We understand how nerve wrecking it can be, which is why we perform quick pregnancy testing to our patients.

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Emergency Appointments

In such a personal field as women’s reproductive services, sometimes emergencies arise

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Reasons For Abortion

Some women also seek abortions because they are not emotionally nor mentally prepared to be a mother.

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Birth Control & Contraception for Teenagers

For every teenager, the decision of whether or not to have sexual intercourse is one of the most important choices you’ll every make.

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Top 10 Risk Factors for Acquiring an STD

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI) is typically transmitted in body fluids like blood, semen or vaginal fluids and are most often obtained by sexual contact.

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Articles - Counseling

Gynecologist Visit

Gynecology and Abortion Service offers diversified services depending on women’s needs. It is very important that women of all ages have well women exams

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Gynecologist Exams in Boston area, MA

Listen to your body, and if you experience menstrual problems that are uncomfortable or painful, or it's time for your regular gynecologist exam make an appointment with us.

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